Why use ecommerce?

1. Customers can buy anytime and anywhere. After you are fast asleep and thinking that no more business can be generated, guess again. At their convenience, consumers can browse your site, discover new things and buy them.


2. Powerful eCommerce enables you to reach parts of the world you just couldn't reach before. Staying wedded to a regional mindset can hurt your prospects for growth.


3. Keep existing customers coming back, 95% of UK residents buy from online retailers, don't lose business to your competitors - make your product as easy as possible for your customers to buy.


4. Purchasing online collects valuable data about your customers, everything from demographics to buying habits, it also gives you the ability to collect email addresses and market to your customers  through email campaigns or social media to bring them the latest products or offers.






Why link ecommere to

point of sale?

1. Flexibility, your point of sale will now be mobile, you can pick it up and move around your store with it allowing an improved customer experience and increasing up-sell abilities.


2. Environment, save both trees and money by giving your customers email receipts rather than printed ones. This also collects email addresses for mail-shots and marketing campaigns.


3. Stock control - running both physical stores and ecommerce websites simultaneously can be a nightmare, if a product runs out of stock in store they website must be updated and vice-versa, however if they are linked all of the stock is synced and easy to keep track of.


4. Value - tills are expensive, our system can be accessed through any tablet with an Internet connection, struggling with queuing times? No problem just buy each member of staff a tablet and a customer can purchase products anywhere in the store.



Why use us?

We devote a lot of time and effort to every single one of our customers, ensuring the best experience possible with our system. We aim to provide cutting edge products with low costs and high flexibility when it comes to paying them!


We offer packages and repayment schemes to meet your budget so no matter how small or how big your business is, there is something for everyone.


We believe that open and honest communication is essential for the success of any business, we work directly with you to build an ecommerce website that shows off your products in the best possible light.


What are you waiting for?